Collection: Collectibles - Aged Puerh Tea

The quality of each cake of Puerh tea
Each cake of Puerh tea is the perfect crystallisation of time and nature. They originate from Yunnan's large-leafed sun-green gross tea, which is carefully selected, processed by traditional techniques, and then undergo several years or even decades of natural fermentation and aging to achieve this mellow, sweet, smooth, and long-lasting tea of the finest tea. We firmly believe that good tea needs to wait, every treasure is the respect and expectation of time.

A wide range of products to satisfy different taste buds
This area brings together two classic series of raw tea and ripe tea, as well as limited edition, ancient tree tea, old tea head and other rare varieties. Raw tea is known for its freshness, crispness and rapid sweetness, which is suitable for long-term collection and tasting; ripe tea is known for its warmth, mellowness, smoothness and sweetness, which has won wide popularity and is an excellent choice for daily drinking. There are even those old teas that have been baptised by the years, and every sip is a fond reminiscence of the past.

Craftsmanship heritage, cultural experience
We know that behind every treasured Pu'er tea is the sweat of the tea farmers and the exquisite skills of the artisans. Therefore, we are not only committed to providing high-quality tea, but also hope to let you feel the profound and unique charm of Puerh tea culture through each tea tasting experience. Here, you can participate in tea performances, listen to stories of the tea mountain, learn brewing techniques, and immerse yourself in the mellow fragrance from the clouds.