Professional China Yunnan Tea Supplier

  • Direct Source Collaboration: Direct cooperation with native villages to ensure the authenticity and high quality of Pu'er tea.
  • Diverse Product Selection: Offering a wide range of up to several dozen selected Pu'er teas.
  • Small Order Customization Expert: Focused on meeting the needs of small batch customization in the international market.
  • Personalized Brand Customization: Providing OEM services, custom packaging, and brand design to create a unique brand image.
  • Competitive Pricing and Integrated Supply Chain: Offering competitive prices and streamlined procurement processes through supply chain integration.
  • Professional Pu'er Tea Knowledge Support: Providing customers with in-depth knowledge of Pu'er tea, aiding in sales.

Contact us for a free sample. Taste the original Pu'er tea from the deep mountains of Yunnan, China. EMAIL:info@zentea-shop.com

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