Zen Tea Master

Our supply chain comes from Yunnan, China. Relying on Yunnan's unique tea resources and adhering to the tea production concept of "following tradition and adhering to ancient methods", we create healthy, ecological, authentic and pure high-quality tea. We mainly provide retail and tea wholesale customization services.

I. Overview of the feedstock base

The cooperative supply chain company has its own ecological tea garden base of more than 600 acres. It is located in an alpine ecological tea garden at an altitude of more than 1,800 meters in Changning County, Yunnan. The tea produced in the mountains embodies the aura of the mountain and the charm of the beautiful water. Yunnan large-leaf tea maintains the most stable shape of tea leaves and is one of the best tea varieties in the world. The planting and fertilization of tea gardens are strictly implemented and managed in accordance with the requirements of the national organic food certification to ensure that the tea is natural, pollution-free and of high quality, achieving authenticity from the source of the entire industry chain and ensuring the ecology and high quality of the raw materials.

 In recent years and Changning local tea farmers signed a long-term cooperation, covering 300 acres of ancient tea gardens, of which, more than ten thousand years of ancient tea trees signed adoption, more than a hundred years of tree ancient tea trees signed adoption of more than 100, to create the purest and most genuine pure material for the consumers of ancient tea products.


At the same time, in Iceland, Xigui, Yiwu and other famous tea areas, signed a long-term cooperation with the local tea primaries, laying down a stable partnership to ensure the stable output of the famous tea of the origin.


 2.Own base classic product series

Thousand Autumn Big Leaf, Millennium Tree, Single Ancient Tree, Old Tree Tea, Glutinous Grain Cooked Cake, Ancient Tree Tribute Cake and so on.

3.Dian Hong Tea Series

Changning Red, Ancient Tree Red, Zijuan Red, Wild Red as well as Thousand-Year Wild Sun Red and Thousand-Year Wild Red.

Adhering to the concept of making tea with heart and striving for excellence, inheriting the old generation of perfect tea-making techniques, the ancient essence of tea-making is used in the carving of tea products, presenting the world with classic high-quality tea. Continuing the culture of the millennium tea village, inheriting the millennium tea civilization.