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Zijuan Black Tea 130g/150g

Zijuan Black Tea 130g/150g

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The black tea with the highest anthocyanin content among tea types.
Raw material: selected one bud and one leaf of Yunnan Changning High Mountain Zijuan Ecological Tea Plantation as the raw material, processed by black tea technology to become a unique and innovative product, due to its high content of anthocyanin, with the effect of beauty and skin care, it is a set of drinking and body care as one of the tea drinks.
Stripe: dark brown in shape.
Soup Color: Orange-yellow and translucent soup color, with a sticky and full soup feeling.
Taste: Zijuanhong has a unique fruity and floral aroma, fragrant and sweet flavor.
Leaf base: plump, moist and complete.


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