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Xigui Tea 357g

Xigui Tea 357g

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(The origin is Bangdong Township, Linxiang District, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. Xigui, a small village hidden in the corner of the world, above the sea of clouds of Lancang River. Xigui tea is the representative of low altitude among Puerh tea hills. The shape of the tea leaves is characterized by willow leaf shape, long black stripes, hairless back, hard to see stalks and high recognition. Tea aroma high sharp and elegant, soup color yellowish and bright, soup feeling rich and full, water fine, slightly astringent, sweetness and rapidity, tea gas is strong, there is a unique fungus flavor, orchid flavor, the end of the water is sweet and silky, with the Lincang Lao Banzhang of the name of the tea, both the Lincang tea of the elegant flavor, but also similar to the Lao Banzhang of the hegemony of the tea, belong to the typical representative of the soft and rigid).


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