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Wild Red Tea 100g

Wild Red Tea 100g

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The most representative Dian Hong tea products of Famous Mountain Tea Man, the high-end tea products in Dian Hong system.
Raw material: choose the western bank of the Lancang River, the thousand years of tea town of Changning territory, more than 100 years of wild ancient tree tea early spring fresh leaves as raw materials, carefully made. Wild red is wild tea through the Kung Fu black tea processing technology made of Dian Hong tea.
Soup color: the soup color is amber orange and bright, oily and comfortable.
Aroma: The aroma of ancient arbor tea is mountainous and wild, with a strong floral and fruity fragrance.
Taste: the taste is sweet and mellow, because the raw material is ancient tree tea, the soup is mellow and thick, and the connotation of nutrients is high. When the entrance to the mouth straight throat can feel the sweet cleanliness of the mountains and wild breath, sweetness and shengjin obvious, full of charm.
The bottom of the leaf: uniformly oily, soft and elastic leaf, well-made, durable bubble.
This wild ancient tree black tea is a new type of black tea products with high drinking value, ecological value, rare value, cultural value and collection value.


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