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Jigeno White Tea 400g/50g

Jigeno White Tea 400g/50g

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In the environment of the impact of the epidemic in the past few years, we appear to be more focused on health and wellness, for tea lovers who like to drink tea, white tea has become a must-have tea in everyone's small tea warehouse. Indeed, in the six tea categories, white tea from the medicinal value, is the most significant.
In order to create a medicinal value and drinking value in one of the white tea products, the famous mountain tea people from raw materials to processing to packaging design, carefully selected, keep improving, and finally created this set of wild old tree white tea.
The tea is made from the raw materials of the first spring tea, and all of them are made from the mature large tree raw materials, spring tea is the best quality raw materials in a year, and the contents are extremely rich, presenting in the tea broth the sweetness and fruit aroma is full of flavor, and the rhyme is long.
A box of 400g net content, containing 8 pieces of independent small box, each small box of 50g, and pressed into a small chocolate cake, clean, convenient, fast.

400g (50g/box*8 boxes)

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