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Icelandic raw tea 288g(48g/box*6boxes)

Icelandic raw tea 288g(48g/box*6boxes)

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The product concept of this series is: let tea into life, let tea become simple.
This Icelandic raw tea, Iceland Tea District, five cottage raw materials blending and become, through the blending, to achieve the long complement the shortcomings, the purpose of showing the best hidden second, and then achieve this tea sweet, almost no bitter, with Icelandic tea icing sugar sweet, cool rhyme of the style characteristics, and more affordable! Prices are more affordable.
In order to make the tea easy to brew and at the same time have the transformation of the tightly pressed tea, we press the tea raw materials into a small tea column packaging form, so that consumers can quickly taste the tea when brewing the release of flavor, but also to retain the integrity of the leaf bottom.


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