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Glutinous Rice Tea Cake 357g

Glutinous Rice Tea Cake 357g

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The tea soup is as sticky and slippery as glutinous rice. Ration-grade cooked tea, referred to as "glutinous rice", is warm and nourishing to the stomach. The aroma is light and floral, and the taste is soft and smooth. Ripe tea is fermented) tea, weak tea,
Raw materials: Raw materials from the Xishuangbanna production area have gone through the traditional fermentation process of Menghai.
Production: traditional fermentation, stone grinding, and pressing.
Appearance: Excellent material selection, plump flower buds, clear lines, and round cake shape.
Intrinsic qualities: The soup is ruddy in color, thick and translucent, has a sticky feel, and has a sweet and sticky taste.


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