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Lcelandic Tea Cake 357g

Lcelandic Tea Cake 357g

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(The origin is Iceland Village, Mengku Town, Shuangjiang County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. There are five villages in Iceland, which are Iceland Old Village, Jiejie, Nanxue, Nuowu, and Dam crooked. General Iceland Puerh tea refers to Iceland old village. Iceland belongs to the large-leafed tea, the leaf type is fat and large, and the color of tea green is generally brownish-black. Tea aroma is very soft, with icing sugar sweet icing sugar rhyme, and tea broth with each other, hanging cup fragrance lasting without publicity. The soup color is golden and bright. After the entrance to the sweetness of the mouth quickly, the bitter sweet mouth feeling is also one of the reasons why people are obsessed with drinking tea, Icelandic tea has the same very good sweetness. Excellent bubble resistance, even bubble more than 20 bubbles, still soup color golden, mellow flavor. The leaf bottom is thick, complete and soft with vitality. Effects: Cleanses the intestinal tract, has the effect of lowering fat, refreshing and lowering blood pressure. Suitable for: meat lovers, overweight people, etc.)  357g

Lcelandic Tea

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