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Brown Ancient Tree Ripe Tea 400g

Brown Ancient Tree Ripe Tea 400g

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Brown Ancient Tree Ripe, raw materials used in Menghai Tea District, large-leaf tea area, made by the famous teacher fermentation, although the year is not long, but the mature fermentation technology and superb craftsmanship, and now tasted there is no new tea heap flavor. In turn, it can present the most classic Menghai ripe tea flavor, rich taste, pure tea aroma, pay tribute to the classic, let the classic continue.
"Let tea into life, let life become simple", the development concept of the series, reflected in the design of packaging and tea form, this Brown Ancient Tree Ripe Tea, a box of 400g net content, containing 8 pieces of independent small box, each small box of 50g, and pressed into an innovative and convenient chocolate cake, so that consumers can easily carry, and easy to brew, can be matched with different tea drinking Convenient, can be matched with different tea drinking scenarios, really let the tea into the life, so that drinking tea becomes simple.


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