What is the difference between Puerh raw tea and ripe tea?

What is the difference between Puerh raw tea and ripe tea?

Raw tea and ripe tea is like two people originally in the same track side by side, but in a certain node because of their own reasons and the need to turn in different directions, this node is called "fermentation", the raw tea towards the natural fermentation, ripe tea towards the artificial Wolvia fermentation. Perhaps they will meet each other in a few years and see a gradual similarity.

From the time when Puerh tea is pressed and molded and formally shipped out of the factory, raw tea is unfermented and ripe tea is fully fermented, which is their most essential difference.

Raw tea and cooked tea

Big difference in appearance and color

Raw tea cakes are mainly green and dark green, with some turning yellowish red and white for the buds; ripe tea cakes are black or reddish brown in color, and some bud teas are dark golden yellow.

A big difference in taste and texture

Raw tea leaves, usually new tea cake flavor is not obvious, if the high temperature, there is drying sweet flavor. Ripe tea, there is a strong smell of wu heap, similar to the smell of mold, fermentation is light, similar to the taste of longan, fermentation is heavy, there is a boring wet smell of straw mat.

Raw tea and cooked tea have different colors

 Soup color and leaf base are very different

What is raw tea? Raw! After brewing, raw tea leaves are soft, fresh, stretchy and vital! Even if the antique tea is stored for a long time, one can still feel its vitality, vitality and natural charm. The soup color of raw tea is clear, bright, translucent and clear.

Ripe tea is different. After brewing, the bottom of the leaf is dry, thin and black, without that kind of youthful and lively vitality. If it is a serious watery old tea, the bottom of the leaf is moldy like a rag. Inferior ripe tea soup color dark, turbid, and even black death.

The effects are very different

Raw tea has a high content of tea polyphenols and is a good drink for cancer prevention. Drinking raw Pu during the day is very wakeful, there is a sense of cleansing the body and mind of the clarity of the blood vessels are also more obvious; ripe Pu after fermentation, with a large number of beneficial strains of bacteria, and the tea is mild, ambiguous stomach, stomach.

The production process is very different

The processing of raw tea is relatively simple, after Yunnan large-leafed sun-blue Maocha is softened by steam, it is pressed and shaped in specific molds, and then dried. Ripe tea needs to go through the process of artificial pouring water to the pile of fermentation, the pile of fermentation time according to the situation and the need for about 40-60 days. After the successful fermentation, the ripe tea is either made into loose tea or pressed tea, and the pressing process is similar to that of raw tea.

The Ovodrome technology was successfully tested in 1973 at Kunming Tea Factory by tea processing experts from all over the province. The birth of ripe tea solved the problem of rapid consumption of Puerh tea. Yunnan large-leaf Puerh raw tea is rich in substances, cold in nature, with a high degree of bitterness and astringency on the palate, and it needs to undergo a certain period of natural aging before its nature gradually turns mild and its bitterness and astringency are gradually transformed into something more suitable for drinking. Ripe tea, due to artificial fermentation, can be consumed directly after it is made, and the tea is mild, with almost no bitterness and astringency, greatly shortening the consumption cycle of Puerh tea.

Suitable for different groups of people

Raw Tea - Because Puerh raw tea is not fermented tea, if it is not put a few years of new tea, the tea in the tea polyphenol and caffeine content is still very high, and the stimulation of this substance on the human body is still relatively large. Pu-erh raw tea taste to be partial strong, more stimulation of the human body refreshing effect is better, the efficacy of lowering fat is also more obvious, and is not very suitable for people prone to insomnia drink at night, for the gastrointestinal not very good friends and pregnant women are also not very suitable. The old raw tea is more suitable for the stomach weak body a little bit worse for the elderly to drink, the new raw tea because of its bitter but sweet, tianjin quench thirst, the body stimulation is relatively large, refreshing effect is good, so more suitable for middle-aged people and young people to drink.

Ripe tea - ripe tea because of artificial fermentation, tea contains a large number of beneficial bacteria, ripe tea tea broth on the stomach not only will not have a strong stimulating effect, but also on the stomach wall to form a protective effect, which is why everyone says that drinking Pu'er ripe tea has the effect of stomach. Because Pu-erh ripe tea has no stimulating effect on people, but also can nourish the stomach, so Pu-erh ripe tea is suitable for most people to drink, especially many people who love tea, but are afraid of drinking raw tea at night will lead to insomnia tea friends, you can choose to drink a cup of ripe tea in the evening, nourish the stomach and warm body will not lose sleep, so Pu-erh ripe tea is especially suitable for drinking in the winter.

Which is more expensive, raw or ripe tea?

Puerh tea or ripe tea expensive? New tea is ripe tea is more expensive than raw tea, because the new tea ripe tea to be more than raw tea Wo heap fermentation of this process, the cost of production is higher than the price of raw tea will naturally be expensive, but the same year with the same grade of old tea, raw tea to be far more expensive than ripe tea, because the old raw tea taste and body is the old ripe tea is far less than ripe tea, ripe tea is only in order to get as soon as possible to get a similar taste of the old tea in the 70's developed a process so the new ripe tea is slightly more expensive than new tea, and old raw tea far more expensive than old tea. Therefore, the new mature tea is slightly more expensive than the new tea, while the old raw tea is far more expensive than the old ripe tea.

In general, the same place of ripe tea and raw tea compared to raw tea, raw tea is more expensive than ripe tea, because raw tea with raw materials than ripe tea is better, the later transformation of raw tea taste richer, ripe tea change is not very big. A lot of sky-high prices of Puerh tea are out of the sub-Puerh raw tea, such as the old Panzhang, of course, except for the antique level collection level, that Puerh tea only collection value, drinking value is not great.


Raw Tea:

Characteristics: Raw tea is made after a small amount of killing, kneading, drying and other processes, the enzymes in the tea leaves are still present, and it has not undergone significant fermentation.
Appearance: Raw tea is generally brighter in color, and the shape of tea leaves is complete.
Aroma: The aroma of raw tea is relatively fresh and fresh, characterized by green grass and floral aroma.
Taste: The taste of raw tea is more refreshing, and some teas may have a certain degree of bitterness.
Storage: Raw tea is suitable for long-term storage, with the passage of time, the quality of tea leaves will gradually improve, more mellow flavor.

Ripe Tea:

Characteristics: Ripe tea refers to tea that is fermented by piling up raw tea, and the enzymes in the tea leaves are completely decomposed after the process of artificial heating and humid piling up, storage and so on.
Appearance: Ripe tea is generally darker in color, and the shape of tea leaves is relatively tight.
Aroma: The aroma of ripe tea is more unique, with ripe and wet flavor as its main characteristics.
Taste: The taste of ripe tea is relatively softer, not bitter and astringent, sometimes with a certain sweetness.
Storage: Ripe tea is easier to store and drink than raw tea. Ripe tea has been fermented and the aging process has been completed.


Raw Tea: Raw tea is rich in tea polyphenols and caffeine, which has the effect of refreshing the mind, losing weight and fat, antioxidant, lowering blood pressure, antibacterial and so on.

Ripe Tea: Ripe tea is fermented by heap of WoW, the tea polyphenols are decomposed and transformed, easier to be absorbed by the human body, with stomach, blood fat, anti-aging, digestion and other efficacies.

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