The difference between Pu'er tea and black tea

The difference between Pu'er tea and black tea

Because Puerh tea soup color is brownish red and bright, black tea soup color is red and bright, the difference between the two in the soup color is small, therefore, many beginners tend to call Puerh tea as black tea. In fact, Puerh tea and black tea are two different types of tea products, and there is an essential difference between the two.

I. Different categories

Puerh tea belongs to the category of reprocessed tea, while black tea belongs to the category of basic tea. The basic tea category includes green tea, black tea, green tea, yellow tea, white tea and black tea, black tea is one of the six major tea categories. Pu-erh tea is made from sun-dried green tea (green tea) and then processed by special techniques.

2.Second, the processing process is different

Taking Puerh loose tea and black tea as an example, the processing technology of Puerh loose tea is as follows: Yunnan large-leafed sun-blossomed green tea → drying → drying → sieving → picking → blending into pieces; the processing technology of black tea is as follows: fresh leaves of the tea tree → withering → kneading → fermentation → molding → drying → black tea → refining → baking → finished products.

  Among them, Yunnan large-leafed sun-dried gross tea belongs to the green tea category, and its processing technology is as follows: Yunnan large-leafed tea tree fresh leaves → withering → kneading → sun-drying.

3.Third, the flavor and aroma are different

Pu-erh tea has a mellow flavor with a unique aged aroma; black tea has a sweet, refreshing flavor with a rich sweet aroma. One is aged flavor and the other is sweet flavor, and it is relatively easy to distinguish between the two.

Black tea products mainly include Gongfu black tea and black tea. The shape of Gongfu black tea is mainly in the form of strips, and there are also some curly shaped, its color and lustre are moist, and the golden hairs are exposed; the shape of black tea is in the form of fine particles, and its color and lustre are moist, and it can be processed into bags of tea.

  In addition, Pu-erh tea is Yunnan's unique geographical indications products, the processing of which must be based on Yunnan's large-leafed sun-green gross tea as raw materials. The raw materials of black tea can be used both large-leaf species, but also available in small-leaf species, such as large-leaf species of fresh leaves of the tea tree as raw materials processed from the "Dian Hong" and small-leaf species of fresh leaves of the tea tree as raw materials processed from the "Qihong".

1 Differences in classification

Black tea is a fully fermented tea, in the factory when the tea leaves have completed fermentation, in the storage process will not be aged. Puerh tea is a post-fermented tea, which can still be naturally aged over time in storage, and has the characteristic of the more it ages, which black tea does not have.

2 Raw materials are different

The raw material of Puerh ripe tea is Yunnan large-leafed sun-green gross tea, and the raw material of black tea is generally selected from medium and small-leafed species (except Dian Hong).

3 Differences in processing technology

Pu-erh tea ripe tea (pressed tea) processing technology: killing - twisting - sun drying - fermentation - blending - pressing molding - drying; black tea production and processing: withering - twisting (kneading) - fermentation - drying.

4 Differences in fermentation principles

The principle of Pu'er tea fermentation is solid state fermentation with the participation of microorganisms, and its polyphenols mainly undergo non-enzymatic oxidation reaction; while black tea fermentation is mainly enzymatic oxidation reaction caused by polyphenol oxidase.

5 Sensory Differences

Appearance, Puerh tea is mainly tightly pressed tea, black tea is mainly loose tea; Puerh tea (ripe tea) soup color is red and brown bright, brown more than significant, commonly known as pig's liver color; black tea soup color is red bright, high-grade black tea, there will also be a "golden circle" phenomenon, than the Puerh tea soup color is more colorful, much brighter.

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